Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hello Dear Readers,

Its pretty obvious I haven't been around in a long time. Chess has faded almost completely from my life and that's not a bad thing. Along with it, Knightskewer has gone idle. I tried to pass it off temporarily to my brother but his life is full of learning new things about the world. Although he still plays the short game, his life is more focused on fortune and glory. The only other person I trust to pull the reigns stopped playing long before I did and is currently stopping bad guys from killing us all for religious and political reasons. Hopefully google doesn't shut me down for that last comment. Speaking of comments, Knightskewers comments have been disabled due to the abundance of Chinese spammers. Its unclear exactly what the Chinese will bring to the world, but whatever it is it will certainly be in large quantity. So if you'd like to comment (if you don't want to your racist) then feel free to shoot me an email at the addy on the sidebar.

Knightskewer taught me a lot about chess and the world of blogging. Someday, maybe in a year, maybe in twenty, I will return to it for recollection and recourse. Perhaps when I'm an old man and google has either returned from stardom or been taken over by the government, Knightskewer will become my third eye again. Until then I hope it serves somewhat useful for the beginning, intermediate and perhaps briefly advanced chess player.

(Edit: I attempted to start a new blog but Google has made things ridiculously complicated in an attempt to simplify things. Aside from being annoying it causes my laptop to freeze consistently in the template design screen.)

I'm starting a new blog about training and athletics. These were once part of my life before this blog and are returning at full speed. It wont be as in depth or creative as Knightskewer but will act more as a scratch pad for notes. If your into that kind of thing check it out. I will link to it once it is up and running.