Friday, March 30, 2007

Contributing Editor Kasparov

Mr. Kasparov, the world's leading chess player, is chairman of the Free Choice 2008 Committee in Russia.... and contributing editor for the Wall Street Journal!

It seems as though we share similiar political veiwpoints Mr. Kasparov....

Beware the pulonium 210...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Suitable Opponents

"As far as selecting suitable opponents, not that they’re so easy to find, try to play people no less than one level below you and no higher than one level above you. That’s an acceptable range. Playing opponents below the low parameter promotes superficial play, and playing opponents above the high parameter can be terribly discouraging." - Bruch Pandolfini

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Top o the mornin

President Bush meets with Prime Minister Bertie Ahern on St. Patricks day.

"The Irish like the presence of God are to be found everywhere."

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Im on another loosing streak. Hope to come out of this one in time for the Hales Corners V tournement on april 21st. My first official rated tourny but second overall.

Blitz just isnt my game.

Kadish78 1671

curradojr 1574

1.d4 d5
2.c4 c6
3.e3 e6
4.Nb1c3 Ng8f6
5.Ng1f3 c5
6.Bf1d3 cxd4
7.exd4 Bf8e7
8.O-O O-O
9.Bc1f4 Nb8c6
10.c5 b6
11.cxb6 Qd8xb6
12.Nc3b5 Be7d8
13.Bf4d6 Rf8e8
14.Bd6c5 Qb6a5
15.a3 Bd8e7
16.b4 Qa5d8
17.Ra1c1 a6
18.Nb5c3 Be7xc5
19.dxc5 Bc8b7
20.Nc3e2 e5
21.Bd3f5 e4
22.Nf3d4 g6
23.Nd4xc6 Bb7xc6
24.Bf5h3 a5
25.Ne2d4 Bc6b7
26.b5 Re8e7
27.a4 Bb7c8
28.Bh3xc8 Qd8xc8
29.Qd1b3 Re7e5
30.Nd4c6 Re5e6
31.Rf1d1 Qc8c7
32.Nc6d4 Re6e5
33.b6 Qc7b8
34.Nd4c6 Qb8e8
35.Nc6xe5 Qe8xe5
36.c6 Nf6g4
37.Qb3g3 Qe5xg3
38.hxg3 e3
39.fxe3 Ng4xe3
40.Rd1d3 Ne3c4
41.b7 Ra8e8
42.Rd3xd5 Nc4b6
43.Rd5xa5 h5
44.Ra5a6 Nb6d5
45.Ra6a8 Nd5c7
46.Ra8xe8+ Nc7xe8
47.b8Q Kg8f8
48.Qb8xe8+ Kf8xe8
49.c7 Ke8e7
50.c8Q Ke7f6
51.Rc1f1+ Kf6g5
52.Qc8c5+ Kg5h6
53.Rf1xf7 h4
54.g4 *

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Financial Aid, Grants and Loans

I havent had a chance to explore all of these yet. But I will continue to add links and edit the post. - Junk mail sucks..this is the official United States Postal Service no junkmail list. Fill out the form and pay a buck. - Rate your profs and search for profs ratings from other students. - Apply for honors
University rankings, websites and up to date education news in every field. - A good site for exploring human anatomy and physiology.... - A remarkably convenient way to cite your sources and create a bibliography.


Monday, March 12, 2007

An exercise in logical equivalency

Double Negation

Nc3 is the same as not not Nc3


Eliminates redundancy

Nc3 is the same as (Nc3 or Nc3)
Nc3 is the same as (Nc3 and Nc3)


(Nc3 or d4) is the same as (d4 or Nc3)
(Nc3 and d4) is the same as (d4 and Nc3)


(Nc3 or (d4 or e4)) is the same as ((Nc3 or d4) or e4)
((Nc3 and d4) and e4) is the same as (Nc3 and (d4 and e4))


If Nc3 then Bb4 is the same as If not Nc3 then not Bb4

De Morgan's

Not Bb4 or Nc6 is the same as Not Bb4 and not Nc6
Not Bb4 and Nc6 is the same as Not Bb4 or not Nc6

Biconditional Exchange

Bb4 if and only if Nc3 is the same as ((If Bb4 then Nc3) and (If Nc3 then Bb4))

Conditional Exchange

If Nc3 then Bb4 is the same as Not Nc3 or Bb4


(Nc3 and (Bb4 or Nc6)) is the same as ((Nc3 and Bb4) or (Nc3 and Nc6))


(If Nc3 then (if Bb4 then e4)) is the same as ((If Nc3 and Bb4) then e4)

Note: These replacement rules work in both directions

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Empty Canvas

So Paul doesnt show up for chess anymore. It might be because I destroyed him two games in a row a couple weeks ago. For a guy trying to resurect a chess club to get beaten repeatedly by the only guy who shows up would be disheartening. Its not that he was a bad player. He took second at the last uwm tournement and studies regularly. But honestly like most people he lacks the ability to free his mind on the board. Im no genious, hell I dont even know how to spell it. That being said you have to be able to follow your feelings, your gut, how your mind feels that day, maybe old school, maybe artistic, maybe wild, when you can do that freely your game improves exponentially. Much like trying to play with stress or troubles on your mind. It crushes your own game. You become your own opponent. When life is good and free it all changes and the game is more like an empty canvas.