Thursday, October 16, 2008

Steakums and stuff

Well, my nerdy brother has joined the ultimate nerdom of the Oxford Chess Club. I guess I should probably get back on my game. I cant very well let him win. It probably has something to do with the way he horded the Steakums when we were growing up. Man those were delicious.

Not too much on the chess scene over the previous few months. You probably noticed by the lack of posts. In fact, you probably just stopped stopping by. A few random games with scantily clad ladies late at night, Pogo kids with serious ADHD and a small competition with my bro back home a couple months ago make up the entirety of recent chess adventures. Their have been many adventures to be sure, I settled a feud between the Scottish and Northern Irish, held hands with the many of the dying, got hit with a cane, held some peoples heads down while others shoved tubes down their throat, played eight hours of "soccer" with an abused Hispanic kid and saw much of the Southwest to name a few. But those aren't particularly chess related. So we shall see how some studying does me. Wouldn't want to be all hat and no cattle after all.