Friday, February 18, 2011

A Word On The Protests In Madison WI

What we are not hearing from the Rs the Ds or the protesters are the ideas everyone should be talking about: How does this effect the children? How will this effect Wisconsin education?

Instead we are arguing over what teachers deserve. This particular silence is much louder and more telling than words.


wang said...

What blows my mind is the lack of any meaningful dialogue at all.

Bottom line is the unions are going to have to give something back. I don't agree that they should only be able to negotiate salary and not work conditions, holidays, health care etc...but these theatrics are over the top already.

Bottom line is wherever I've lived when times get tough the first budget that governments want to cut it education. The unions have a right to be spooked by this legislation, on the other hand negotiating what color the walls can be painted in your work area is a little much.

Liquid Egg Product said...

While I'm not rabidly pro-union, the R's seem to be running roughshod because they can. The unions were willing to give concessions, but asking them to give up their right to collectively bargain was beyond the pale.