Sunday, February 22, 2009

And you were raped.

Two games that I actually won! By being a sneaky bastard no less. I like being a sneaky bastard.

Delemak curradojr
1 Pe2-e4 Pe7-e5
2 g1-f3 b8-c6
3 Pd2-d3 Pd7-d6
4 Ph2-h3 Bc8-e6
5 Pc2-c4 c6-d4
6 f3xd4 Pe5xd4
7 b1-d2 g8-f6
8 d2-f3 Pc7-c5
9 Bc1-g5 Bf8-e7
10 Qd1-c1 Qd8-a5+
11 Bg5-d2 Qa5-c7
12 Pg2-g3 Ko-o-o
13 Bf1-g2 Be6-d7
14 Ko-o Pb7-b5
15 Pb2-b3 Pb5-b4
16 Kg1-h2 Pa7-a5
17 Pa2-a3 Ph7-h6
18 Pa3xb4 Pc5xb4
19 f3xd4 Pg7-g5
20 Qc1-b2 Pg5-g4
21 Ph3-h4 f6-h5
22 Rf1-c1 Rd8-g8
23 Rc1-e1 Pd6-d5
24 Pe4xd5 Be7xh4
25 Kh2-g1 Bh4xg3
26 Pf2xg3 h5xg3
27 Re1-e3 Ph6-h5
28 Kg1-f2 g3-f5
29 d4xf5 Bd7xf5
30 Re3-g3 Ph5-h4
31 Rg3-e3 Qc7-f4+
32 Kf2-e1 Ph4-h3
33 Re3-e2 Ph3xg2
34 Re2xg2 Rh8-h1+
35 Ke1-e2

curradojr Dave77234
1 Pe2-e4 Pc7-c5
2 Pc2-c4 b8-c6
3 b1-c3 Pd7-d6
4 Pg2-g3 g8-f6
5 Bf1-g2 Pe7-e6
6 g1-e2 Bf8-e7
7 Ko-o Ko-o
8 Pd2-d3 Pb7-b6
9 Bc1-e3 Pe6-e5
10 Pf2-f4 Bc8-b7
11 Pf4xe5 c6xe5
12 Ph2-h3 Ra8-b8
13 Be3-f4 e5-g6
14 Ra1-b1 f6-h5
15 Kg1-h2 Pf7-f5
16 Bg2-f3 h5xf4
17 e2xf4 g6xf4
18 Pg3xf4 Pf5xe4
19 Bf3xe4 Bb7xe4
20 c3xe4 Qd8-c7
21 Qd1-g4 Rf8-f7
22 Rf1-f3 Rb8-f8
23 Rb1-f1 Ph7-h6
24 e4-g3 Qc7-c6
25 Pf4-f5 Pd6-d5
26 Pc4xd5 Qc6xd5
27 Qg4-e4 Qd5xa2
28 Rf1-f2 Be7-f6
29 g3-h5 Bf6xb2
30 Rf2-g2 Qa2-b3
31 Pf5-f6 Bb2xf6
32 Rf3xf6 Rf7xf6
33 Rg2xg7+

Monday, February 16, 2009

Psychotic Chess

Chess: –noun, a game played by two persons, each with 16 pieces, on a chessboard.

Insanity: –noun, plural -ties. 1. the condition of being insane; a derangement of the mind.

Add them together, combine in a bowl, mix well, set aside. Later add intensity, some giddiness and an unusual lack of social skills for a chess player.

Now you know my experience in behavior health a few months ago. I neglected to write about it for some time because, well you know, it was really, really strange.

Their had been talk of this middle aged, scruffy looking man who played chess constantly on the unit since the moment I arrived. He apparently could and had beaten every staff member so far. Intriguing as it was to meet this guy, my options were limited to following around someone who's meds got screwed up. Which in turn caused him to have a magnificent episode involving the works, including the padded room. So I waited. And sometime half way into the evening another babysitting staff member saw my sultry gaze layed gently onto the crazy man and his checkered board. He volunteered some time and I took it. Graciously. So scruffy, potbellied, crazy man and I played a couple games. I couldn't tell you any specifics of the game. Only things like the gross stain on his white tshirt, the over medicated shaking hands, his body language unremorsefully spilling the turmoil in his head outward and what seemed to me to be a true desire to figure the best moves. We played four games in all over two days. After I won the first game he was challenged. It was clear in his eyes and the the way he hastily found me every few hours to thrust the pieces in my direction meekly. They were fun games. For someone who probably had almost no literacy level and spent months at a time in the nuthouse he played remarkably well. And during the final game I debated the situation. How many games would a psychotic man who is used to winning lose before losing it altogether. I let him win.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bounce On The Double

I get out of class on Monday for presidents day. Really I do. Tell me that's not absurd. So whats the appropriate celebration? Work! And maybe a stop at the overcrowded chess club over the tracks. Ill let you know how it goes.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

"Im just a pawn in this game of life!"

Played a couple games on Pogo the other day. Won them both. My rating had dropped down to below 1600. Yes I know Pogo rating blah blah. But he hung his queen twice and was rated 200 points above me. It seemed odd and he said he was having an off day. When I got to thinking about it, maybe over thinking, my tactics were pretty solid. I'm bringing "solid" back from the fifties with the help of an elderly woman in case you were wondering. He brought his queen out a little too early both games. I hunted his queen, cause that's fun, especially with knobs on Pogo who don't know how to handle it. Well it paid out in spades as it frequently does, plus it gave me a chess ego boost. And it gave me an excuse to post that hilarious picture.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


I'm not sure what I'm going to blog about today. The Super Bowl is about to start and I'm buying time before the Cards do some unpredictable rampaging. People are still coming to this site even though nothing of any real value has been posted in some time. Which is appreciated for sure. But its strange that certain posts hold enough substance to get a continued readership.
The last games I played were back in Milwaukee over the new year at the much aforementioned Bremen Cafe with the notorious Rob. You know the one who just joined the Army? We went one and one for two games that didn't have any fireworks. That's kind of what was nice about them though. Some times the best games are the midday slowbies that are only vaguely memorable.
On a related note, Ive been steadily churning through books on battles in Fallujah and Baghdad. Probably not going to improve my chess game a whole lot with them, but they definitely give a good grounding on invasion and urban warfare tactics. Its surprising how much detail they are allowed to go into. The two best so far and both highly recommended by yours truly are "On Call In Hell" and "No True Glory." If you cant get a good sense of the people, battles and culture of Fallujah from these two your probably mildly retarded. Or you cant read, in which case you shouldn't just stare at books for no reason. If their is anything chess related one can glean from such writings its that you should finish what you start on the board. Having a good feasible plan only to pull it back for something better is a risk to big to take.