Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chess rock landed on us.

Took a trip to Sedona a couple days ago. What a fantastically awesome place. Pictures just cant do justice to the beauty and enormity of the cliffs and canyons that envelope the whole place.

I'm still on a winning streak with my new roomy. Hes a little rusty so he makes some really great, mind melting moves and then misses a pin of his Queen to his King. Its enjoyable to play against him because hes laid back and doesn't take the game personally. He also brings in some new ideas that I'm unfamiliar with. Like playing the guitar as a ridiculous psychological ploy or launching a full on attack only to pull it back a couple moves later.

Everything in Sedona makes one feel super small. Can you see that road?

Going out to Macy's cafe on Monday night for chess club. I cant believe I found such a place only a few days after arriving in Flagsaff. I noticed a couple heated middlegames last Monday as I was reading Asimov's Fantastic Voyage. Great read btw. Very seventies sci fi but in the human body. Anyway, after approaching one of the more casual games the bearded man said they meet at Macy's every Monday for a few hours. It was a couple old guys and a couple young guys so it will be interesting to explore the new dynamic.

I'm headed back to Sedona in a few days to capture a gazillion photos of Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock, a random beach I found with no water and whatever else strikes my fancy.

It will also be interesting to see how I fare. In the past year I tore up the UWM chess ranks, some friends and family and a few random strangers at coffeehouses. I frequently lose the first game but once I get a handle on their strategerieness they get hosed like were playing kick the kid with one shoe.

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transformation said...

MANY hours with my guru meditating there....

once, i got up at five am to run up the mesa 5 mi NE of town, and ran to the top. one bad slip, and no one to find me or go there, at 7400', was it, all bone dry and hot in the day and frigid at night.

two retreats over three weeks. major life experiences.